Weight Loss Tips Exercises to get a Tight Butt Video


Here’s a good video demonstration for some good butt and leg exercises to get that tight butt and nice thighs. Buidling muscle will increase your metabolism helping you to lose weight faster.


2 Responses to “Weight Loss Tips Exercises to get a Tight Butt Video”

  1. 1 Mandy

    OK, here is how you do the best butt exercise in the Universe:

    Lying down face up.

    One leg flat on the floor.

    The other leg is bent with the heel
    on the ground, toes pointing up.

    Push that heel into the floor, raising
    the hips and straight leg off the ground
    at the same time. See the photo of the
    exercise demonstration here:

    Then, lower the hips and leg back down.

    Try doing about 15 – 20 on each side.

    If that was easy, do 15 more on each side.

    If you are doing this correctly, you will feel
    your butt working BIGTIME!

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