Losing Weight Isn’t Rocket Science


Lose Weight by Cutting Out Sugar

I didn’t realize how bad sugar is until I stopped eating it! (well, I cut back that is)

Did you know you can lose a lot of weight simply by cutting out sugar from your diet? It’s been proven in fact, that just not drinking soda anymore but keeping everything else the same will make you lose weight too. And the reason is the sugar. Sugar is just empty calories and it really screws up your body which in turn causes you to gain weight. And it’s usually weight that forms as fat on your belly.

Eating sugar – whether added to food and drinks, or in the form of sweet food and drinks – will make your body increase it’s production of insulin. This increase is usually quite drastic and fast. The huge increase of sugar added to your system makes your body kick into gear, and “deal” with it. It does this by producing insulin.

Now the insulin dispatches the sugar from your system quickly, but in the process your body’s overall insulin levels drop very quickly, and very drastically as well. This creates a vicious cycle. When your insulin levels are low, your body screams for sugar. Technically it screams for food of any kind, because low insulin levels equate to a bad thing within your body’s system. The body is smart too. It actually creates cravings for sugar, because that will give you the quickest relief to your low blood sugar levels.

And the viscious cycle begins. You feed yourself sugar, your body spikes the insulin to take care of the load quickly. Soon your sugar levels are too low for the amount of insulin in your body, so it starts screaming for more. And you give it more to quell the screaming.

If you stop giving your body sugar – or at least drastically drop the amount of sugar you’re giving it – your insulin levels will even out. The first few days will be difficult, because your body is burning off the extra sugar it has stored in the past. But once you’re past those first few days, you’ll find yourself feeling much better, having little to no cravings, and you’ll even start losing weight too.

Here is the best, easiest way to drastically reduce the amount of sugar you eat each day:

Switch to artificial sweeteners. If you drink coffee, tea or soda particularly, with sugar, you need to change this. This is the number one source of sugar for almost all Americans today. Start drinking sugar free soda, and stop putting sugar in your coffee or tea.

You may have to experiment with several types of artificial sweeteners before you find one you can tolerate. Some people will experience headaches or stomach cramps from one type of sweetener, but not with another. And the taste will take some getting used to as well. I was able to get used to Splenda after several days, but no amount of trying can get me used to the taste of Aspartame. Other people are just the opposite: They can’t tolerate sucralose but they’re fine with aspartame.

Just this one simple change in your eating style can help you lose twenty pounds or more each year.

Here are some great Low Sugar Dessert Recipes to help cut back on sugar


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